Regional Contacts


Philadelphia, PA
Yvonne @ (215) 848-0148

New Jersey
Rev. Smith @ (609) 929-6980

Greg & Ester @ (302) 430-0789

CCWM Mailing Address
P.O. Box 2982
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Please contact Rev. William Smith (see contact info below) for details on shipping requirements. 
Shipping Information - Haiti
email me
If you have additional questions about mailing and shipping infromation, please contact: 

Rev. William Smith  (609) 929-6980
Please call 2158494710
Shipping Information - Benin
Mailing Address - Benin

Brenda Fuller
BP 1350
Calavi, Benin
West Africa
Ph: 0115097519767 
Mailing Address - Haiti

Compassion of Christ World Mission
c/o Brenda Fuller
Agape Flights #9216
100 Airport Ave.
Venice, Florida 34285
Shipping charges apply

Compassion of Christ World Mission