Compassion of Christ is an interdenominational mission ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world through the means of Education.

In 1996 C.C.W.M. was established with a seven member Board of Directors and a love and compassion for people all over the world. 

In 1997 a single missionary from C.C.W.M. set out to acquire land in Haiti and to identify Haitian nationals whom she could train as staff to help establish and administrate an elementary school for children grades K-6. 

In 1999 the school opened with only 27 children in a dilapidated 6-room house on a mountaintop in Haiti. Today, C.C.W.M.  has over a two hundred children in a two-story building which contains a Bible school, a medical clinic, and a church.  

In 2004, God expanded our territory to Benin West, Africa where we have a school and church in a remote village and another elementary school in a more urban setting. 

God is now enlarging our borders even more to India, the nation where the most un-reached people groups exists.

Our desire is to completely transform the lives of children worldwide by meeting both spiritual and educational needs with a curriculum that incorporates Child-Evangelism and fundamental Biblical truths.  

         About Us...
                  A Brief History
Compassion of Christ World Mission schools shall not discriminate against any child or employee with regards to race, gender, or origin.
A Brief Message About the Unreached
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Compassion of Christ World Mission
      A Brief Video About The Unreached