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Sponsorship is another important way that you can actively support the mission.  By sponsoring a child or even a class, you can help defray the cost of the school program.

To a poor child, education is the doorway to a world teeming with possibility.
This is why CCWM is looking for your help and support with the Child Sponsorship Program. Through this program your tax-deductible contribution can give the children we serve an opportunity to learn, dream and hope for a better future. 

For $25.00 a month (about .83 cents a day) you can help provide a child with a school uniform, books, school supplies and other needed items.
If you are interested in the sponsorship program or would like more information, please contact a sponsorship coordinator:
Consider being an individually sponsor or join with a group of individuals and support a child or a class. But it doesn't have to stop there, perhaps you'll want to support the lunch program that allows us to provide a hot meal for the children several time a week.  For some of these children it's the only hot meal they may receive that day.

There are other creative ways to lend your support too. Complete a sponsorship form and connect with a child today.

Points of Contact

Gwen Cary
 (215) 927-7284

Frequently Asked Questions?
Frequently Asked
What do I do to sponsor a child?   
Contact the CCWM sponsorship coordinator to request a sponsorship information & application. 

Who are the children in the program? 
Children in the program are students at Compassion Christ School in either Haiti, West Indies or Benin, West Africa. 

Will I receive information about a specific child?
Once you are matched with a child, you will receive a certificate of sponsorship with personal information and a picture of your child. 

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
Sponsoring a child requires a $25.00 a month commitment. Sponsoring a class with a $25.00 a month commitment provides us with greater flexibility to meet the needs of any of the children in the class. Each commitment is for a period of two or more years.

How much of my payment will be used for administrative expenses?
Generally no more then about 10% goes towards administrative costs. The rest is used to educate and provide for your child and other children according to the needs.

How does my child benefit from the money I provide?
Your child has the option of going to school tuition free or having all their school books purchased for them each year. The rest goes towards the salary of the teacher educating your child, the lunch program etc....

How does a class benefit from the money I provide?
When you sponsor a class, the funds can be directed toward meeting the needs of any of the children in the class. This is provides us with the greatest degree of flexibility in meeting the needs of the children. 

How do I pay and will I receive receipts?
You may make your payment in several ways
(1) By check - please make your check payable to CCWM earmarked Child Sponsorship Program. 
(2) Online via Paypal 
(3) Electronically via an ACH bank debit authorization. 
(You will need to complete an ACH authorization agreement for this method of payment.)

For your tax records, an annual summary of donations will be mailed in January. 

May I write to my sponsored child and will I receive a response?
The children correspond with their sponsors once or twice a year - generally around Christmas & Graduation.

May I send my child gifts?
Generally, it’s not advisable to provide a special gift for individual children. Doing so may create distinctions and alienate other children who don’t have sponsors. Instead, we suggest 

(1) Sending a small financial gift through the program for the child or a general donation to benefit a larger group of children;

(2) Sending a modest gift such as balls and other toys or school supplies such as crayons, pencils, or paper that can be used by many of the children.

You may also contact the CCWM Child Sponsorship Coordinator to discuss additional special gift options.

What if the child I want is already sponsored?
There are many children in need of sponsorship. If this should occur, another child will be substituted. 

What if the child I sponsor is no longer involved with CCWM?
You will be notified of the situation and matched with another child as soon as possible. 

What would it take to support the school lunch program?
A $300.00 donation would fully support the lunch program for an entire month. 

Click image to print a Child Sponsorship Brochure
Child Sponsorship Form
Child Sponsorship Form
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